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Back in the day when people had a particular skill, like a woodworker, weaver, silversmith, blacksmith, or cobbler, they were not said to make crafts, they were said to be "Craftsmen".

These craftsmen were usually educated and were higher on the "society scale" than the peasants. The items, of yesterday, that they made are now called "studio crafts"

Today, when someone is said to make crafts, it is usually some type of art piece that is not necessarily needed for survival. In other words, it is more of a novelty than a life skill.

Of course, I am definitely not talking about the true artists out there. So, please don't take offense to my flippant definition.

The arts and crafts movement has been a good influence on handmade items and has brought them out into the public eye.

It is NO longer thought of as inferior art or inferior to art.

I'm the crafting type. I'm happy because it gives me a chance to share with you all the wonderful "CRAFTS" that I like to make.

The "DIY" movement has helped to totally ground the making of projects too.

Fairs have been good for crafters also. An event where the crafter can get his or her product out to the people.

Ever since I was young I've enjoyed working on craft projects. Back then, it was "paint by numbers", "embroidery", and "pot holders". Of course I've graduated to more complex ideas, but I still enjoy making things just as much, It's extremly rewarding to complete an item that I have given so much of my time to.

Crafting is a lot of fun to work on and they're a lot fun to share. I hope you have as much fun with these projects as I have. As I said earlier, I am the crafting type. I love to make things. All the "hobby" stores love people like me.

**My latest projects involve working with "polymer clay". If you liked playing with play-doh when you were a kid, you will love polymer clay.

It's REALLY not clay at all. It's call clay because of the texture and the workableness of it.

I have enjoyed working with the clay because it can be baked in a regular oven, but now I use a toaster over that I don't use for anything else, but polymer clay.

Using the toaster oven is convenient too. I keep it in my craft room where I can keep an eye on it, when in use.

If the idea of working with this clay peaks your interest, then check out my "polymer clay" page, I think you'll like it.

**Another project is "How to Make a Terrarium". If you like creating little worlds and gardening, this project is for you.

You may have gone through the "making terrarium" phase back in the 70's, but guess what.."They're BAACCK" and I glad they are.

Terrariums are so fasinating. You can even have terrariums with certain themes. So, if you're ready to get started go to my terrarium page and go for it!

I would like for you to share your craft projects with me.: It could be the completed project that I've given you or something totally different

I would like to see your work and I'm sure my readers would too.

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