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Having Rooftop Gardens are so cool. If you live in an apartment or any type of "high rise", consider yourself very lucky if you have access to the roof.

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Creating rooftop gardens are fun, they provide exercise and they can be extremely charming. You know, that's why they always use them in the movies.

You can turn an ordinary eye sore into a beautiful oasis.

Step 1.Before you begin, you may want to check with your landlord to get permission.

Step 2.Check your roof at different times of the day. There will be areas that recieve sunlight all day and other areas that only recieve sun part of the day. If your lucky you will have some shady spots too.

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You may want to keep a record of you data. It will help when deciding which plants to purchase.

Step 3.You will want purchase some planters. Also, look around at garage sales, thrift stores or maybe in your neighbors garbage for a container that would make a good planter.

Terra cotta pots, wood, plastic, or anything that will hold soil and has drainage will work.

You can group your plants according to types and sizes. Remember this is your own little private eden.

Step 4.Purchase a good soil mix and fertilizer. Lighter soil types should be use, like peat moss. You can also use a soil mix of mostly soil, some saw dust, and some sand.

This combination is lightweight and it increases water retention.

When you are purchasing your pots and soil, DON'T FORGET to pick up trays to set your pots in. This will help you to conserve water and will keep your area clean. You don't want your rooftop to be damp all the time.

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Speaking of water. If you don't have an outlet for water or even if you do. A rain barrel is a good item to invest in. Your plants will love the rain water and so will your budget. After all, being on the rooftop is an advantage.

Step 5.After you have gotten all your plants potted, you will want to put some mulch around them. This will keep your plants moist. You can purchase some, use grass clippings or straw.

If there are other renters in you building they may want to share in the experience of a rooftop garden too.

Step 6.Now for the "garden art". Maybe some whimsical art would fit the bill, a windchime, and definitly a suncatcher.

A couple of chairs, a table, and some decorative lights. A moonlit night, a gentle breeze, a bottle of you favorite wine, and a good friend.

Step 7.Sit back, relax, listen to the tinkleing of your windchime, and SMILE!

Be sure to share these ideas with your friends. These gardens not only provide beauty and nurishment, but rooftop gardens save on energy costs by reducing cooling needs in summer and heat loss in winter.

They protect water quality and helps in reducing cabon dioxide, which causes global warming.

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Roof gardens provide a habitat for the birds,with nesting opportunities both natural and manmade.

Your garden will provide a protective cover, bringing life to a once empty area.

I hope you enjoy yours.

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