Sea Glass Suncatchers

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Sea Glass Suncatchers

Another name for

Sea Glass is, "Beach Glass".

The difference is, beach glass is found on inland waterways and is usually less weathered. It's all glass that has been tumbled in the surf, some more than others.

Mixing with the sand and water, gives the glass a "frosty" appearance. Giving it a very cool look.

Sea or beach glass can be found in every part of the world. The best place to find it in the U.S. is in the northeast region, around Chesapeake Bay, and then in California, and Hawaii.

Kelly green, brown, and clear are the most commom colors. Other colors are much less commom, like jade, lime green, light blue, and reds. Purples and oranges are even less common. The most rare of all is gray, pink, yellow, and teal.

A few years ago, most people never gave the glass a second thought. They would just pick it up, throw it in the bucket, and go on down the beach.

It's not like that now. These gleaming bits of broken glass that have been tossed to and fro and have come from who knows where, are wanted by artists and collectors.

Bags of sea glass are sold by the pound on eBay. It is being used in "high dollar" jewelry and home decor. The blues and greens are even some of the most popular paint colors.

There are so many people interested in sea glass that there is a festival call the "Northeast Sea Glass Festival" in Rockport, Mass.

Living next to the coast, as we do, we have an abundance of the common colors of sea glass. When I don't have enough of the right color I make my own using a rock tumbler.

This sea glass is called "twice-tossed" glass.

The sea glass suncatchers that I make with this glass are very beautiful. When I incorporate the beads and mirror, they become a work of art.

I have a few friends that collect the beach glass and up until I started making the suncatchers they would just put their glass in a bowl, vase, or jar. This is nice, but why not turn it in to a charming work of art that you can truely enjoy everytime you see it.

I can actually say, when you look at the, Stained Glass , and the Sea Glass Suncatchers, you will be able to sense the time, the thought, and the love that I have put into each and every one of my creations.

It is my desire for you to experience as much pleasure in owning one of my suncatchers, as it has brought me, while creating it.

I have sold out of the Sea Glass Suncatchers in the Goodies eStore, but the suncatcher on this page is an example of what they look like. If you are interested in getting one of these charming sun dancers just let me know by sending your request to

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