"Stained Glass Suncatchers"

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Our stained glass suncatchers are hand crafted, one-of-a-kind, art gifts.

Stained Glass, sun dancers, suncatchers, or Hoodoos. Whatever you like to call them... They are Kaleidoscopes of colored glass, beads, and mirror pieces.

They are a mixture of playful bits that come together to form a beautiful example of garden art.

I enjoy making the Stained Glass Dancers because of the variety of colors and textures that I have to work with. No two items that we make are exactly alike.

Sometimes, when I'm feeling lighthearted I just let my eyes and my heart lead the way. It makes me feel good to know that I am doing something that I have such a passion for.

I remember when I made my first design. I took it to school with me to show my co-workers. I was not expecting the type of response that I got. Everybody loved it. I got five orders that day. It was great.

Of course those orders only inspired me to want to do more.

I hope that when you are sitting in your garden, enjoying the cool breeze, watching your Suncatchers dance their special dance, that you will experience that feeling too.

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My Garden Art

...Sun Dancers, Whoo Doos, or Suncatchers. They will dazzle you with their glittering light and their beautiful colors. They make great gifts. They can hang outside or inside. Either place, it doesn't matter. They capture the light like nothing you have ever seen before.