Cup Cake Bird Feeder

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On a cold winter day the cup cake bird feeder project would be a lot of fun for you and your kids.

You can buy suet from your butcher at your local grocery store.

Cup Cakes? **This cup cake's for the birds!!

**** P.S.They will love it! ****

Supplies - bowl (one you can put in the microwave) spoon suet birdseed (or other "goodies" to mix with the suet) cup-cake pan w/liners string

Step#1 Poke a hole in the bottom of the cup cake liners and thread a piece of string through the bottom.

Step#2 Tie a knot in your string so that it will not come through the bottom of the liner.

Step#3 Melt the suet in the microwave for 30 seconds at a time.

Step#4 When melted add your birdseed or other goodies. Mix well.

Step#5 Spoon your mixture into your cup cake liner. ***Make sure your string stick out of the top.

Step#6 Place in the refrigerator for at least an hour until it has hardened. ***You can freeze the extras for later use.

Step#7 After the suet has hardened you can pull or cut it away from the container and remove the liner.

Step#8 Now hang your feeder in a cool and shady spot.

Ideas for some "Goodies"

There are lots of "goodies" that you can mix into your suet. These are just a few.

1.cereal 2.raisens 3.fruit 4.crackers 5.nuts

6.bread 7.cooked rice 8.berries

Some molds you can use are:

1.yogurt cups 2.pudding cups 3.plastic eggs

4.frozen food trays

**If you have bought a suet feeder from the department store and you want to make replacement suet cake for them, you can use a square plastic sandwich container lined with plastic wrap. The plastic wrap makes it easier to get the cake out.

**Things to Remember**

1. Be careful around fire and heat. Suet is highly flammable at high temperatures.

2. If the fat get too hot it will melt your plastic containers.

3. Put your suet feeder in a shady spot. Suet will go bad when the temperatures outside go up.

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