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In years past, the front porch was an extension of the living room and the back porch was an extension of the kitchen.

On nice cool evenings the family would gather on the front porch. The kids would play in the yard while the grown ups would sit in rocking chairs and relax in the porch swing. This was the place where the days problems would fade off into the distance.The front porch was the place to relax.

The back porch was different. I remember when my Grandpa would bring home baskets of vegetables from his garden. He would set them down by the swing. My Grandma would sit in the swing, and if you were lucky enough to be the first one outside, you would get to sit with her.

She would fill her big bowl with beans, or some other vegetable, then give us kids a smaller version. She would then give us instuctions on how she wanted the beans to look when we got through. Even though most of the time they didn't, but she didn't fuss about it.

Even though it was work, we thought it was fun. It was nice being together. We would tell stories, laugh, and swing back and forth in a slow and gentle motion.

"The Change"

As time went by, so did the front and back porch. Then the question.. "What are we going to do with the swing?"

..Well,.. put it in the garden of course. So, the porch swing was moved to its new location. Just because the porch was no longer around, people were not going to give up their swings. The most natural place for the swing to move to was the garden. The swing has an enchanting quality and those of us who "give in" to the swing, seem to leave with a better attitude.

The swing is also a very romantic place to enjoy with that special someone. Of course, that was told to me. I wouldn't know anything about that, for fact...

**Memories on a Chain**

Porch swings are more popular than ever. It's hard to find someone who doesn't have a good memory of something that happened while they were sitting in a porch swing.

My Grandmother had the one swing on her back porch, and she had two swings on her front porch. When I got older and went to visit her, my cousins and I would spend most of our time out there. We made lots of memories while playing in those swings.

More Changes!

Over the years technology has taken away most of the hand-crafted versions (even though there are still some of them out there.

Now, they are made from synthetic lumber, wicker, and metal. Even though I love the old timey wooden ones. I like the others too. All of them are fun to relax in.

So,visit the websites on this page. You will find a wonderful selection of swings.

Then you can make some memories too.

My Friend Kyle

My friend Kyle.(in the picture above) He is out in his yard relaxing after working on his school work. Kyle is 9 years old. He likes to ride his bike, play with his dogs, chase his ferret, and after all is done he enjoys swinging the afternoon away.

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