Weathervane Craft

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...Weathervane Craft...

...What you need...

1. Thick piece of cardboard (or thin wood)

2. pencil

3. scissors or a scroll,or band saw (depending on which material you decided to use.

4. Paint or other of finishing your weather vane

5. paintbrush, water, containers

6. A small piece of dowel or stick (about 12" long)

7. A piece of wood (about 2" thick) to use as a stand for your weathervane

...What to Do...

1. First have a look at some pictures or look at some actual weathervanes, to give yourself an idea of what picture you would like to use.

2. Next, draw a simple outline of a rooster, pig, cow, or what- ever you like, on you cardboard or wood.

3. Cut our the shape and decorate using one of any number paint and finishes.

The craft supply store is a great place to find different ways of finishing wood and paper. There is a pickleing stain, a crackling medium, a marbleing medium and an instant rust.

4. When the paint is dry you are ready to put your weather vane together.

5. Attach your dowel to you design with some glue. While it is drying...

6. Drill a hole into you 2" thick piece of wood the same size as your dowel

7. Put a little glue in the hole and push in your dowel.

8. Sit back and admire your masterpiece!

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