"Spinners" Wind Art

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Spinners... Another fun, wind driven product.

When placed in your garden, these items turn into beautifully, animated, colorful displays of imagination.

Large Triple Spinner Garden Spinner - Rainbow

There are so many designs and style to choose from. You can turn your garden into an island paridise, using the wonderful "island time" decorations from our friends at www.windandkite.com.

www.kiteand wind.com You will be the talk of the neighborhood with the big and bold, eye catching "Saturns Rings."

I know that I will have to get more than one because there are so many designs.

www.kiteand wind.com

From high in the sky to the depths of the oceans. Birds and insect, fish and turtles, horses and cows and everything in between. These Spinners are beautiful.

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