How to Make a Terrarium

** A terrarium is like a little garden that is made inside a glass container.

** They require very little work, time, light, or maintenance

**Another good thing about this craft project, a terrarium can be placed on a night stand, a desk, or any location that you would like to add some beauty and tranquility.

As "they" always say, "Everything comes back into style, if you just wait long enough".

These tiny gardens fall into this catagory.

I remember back in college when my roommate and I had three or four in our apartment. We were so "cool" and didn't even know it. A terrarium is like a little garden that is made inside a glass enclosure.

They require very little work and very little time.

If you are normally a plant killer, this will be just the thing for you.

There are a lot of plants that you can use and the container can be just about any size.

These mini gardens are fun because you are able to bring a bit of the outdoors, indoors.

Another good point is that they can be placed on a night stand, a desk, or any location that you would like to add some beauty and tranquility.

If you are interested in creating one of these small works of art, then, get ready, get set, and GO!!!

Making A Terrarium

1. Collect your supplies:

a. a clear, glass vessel (any size)

b. gravel

c. activated charcoal

d. potting soil

e. plants

f. rock, figurines like frogs, mushrooms, or anything you like

g. watering can

2. Clean your jar and rinse.(Be sure there is no residue in it)

3. Put about an inch (1") of gravel or some type of rock. (This will help with drainage)

4. Next, put about a 1/2" of activated charcoal over the rocks. (This helps with any odors that might develope)

5. Next, add a layer of sphagnum moss or fiberglass screen. (This keeps the soil from going down into the gravel)

6. Then, put 2"-3" of potting soil on top of the moss. (Do not pack it down hard)

7. Next, take your plants out of there pots and remove as much soil from the roots without harming the roots.

8. Place the plants in the potting soil and arrange them the way you like them.

9. Now you can add your decorations like shells, rocks, small animals, marbles, or anything that you would like.

10. Water your plants sparingly. (Too much water and your plants will rot)

"Voila", you have a work of art. An attractive piece of "whimsical garden art" that you can keep in your home or office.

Terrariums make nice gifts for Mothers Day, house-warmings, birthdays or any occasion. The recipient will love you for it, not only because it's beautiful, but because you made it.

For those of us who need visuals, I have included a video from you-tube.

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