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Bird Seed Chart

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Most Birds Like:Crushed Oats,Regular Sunflower Seed, Black Sunflower Seed, Fruit,and Suet


Mealworms: Tanagers, Robins,Bluebirds



Cracked Corn:Woodpeckers,Jays,Pigeons,Doves

Peanut Butter:Titmice,Chickadees,Wrens


I hope this "Wild Birdseed Chart" helps you out. Feel free to copy and hang on your fridge for a quick reference when you go out shopping.

After looking over the birdseed chart, you may want to make some of your own "Seed Combinations".

I have included some Bird Seed Recipes! Making your birds their favorite meal using your own recipes is a lot of fun. This is another fun activity that the kiddos like to be involved in. Have Fun!!

***Bird Seed Recipes***

Make your recipe using lots of black oil sunflower seeds and you will see all types of birds flocking to your feeders.

1. To Attract Finches, Cardinals, Sparrows, Chickadees, Mourning Doves and Nuthatches:

In a large bowl, pour in: 3 cups of black oil sunflower seeds 2 cups of millet 1 cup of crushed- shelled peanuts (or other nuts).

Using your hands, mix the ingredients thoroughly. Place the mixture in your bird feeder. You can double this recipe for a larger batch.

2. To Attract Bluebirds and Bluejays:

They love cracked corn.

3 cups of cracked corn3 cups of commercial mixed birdseed 1 cup of oats.

*A large bucket makes a good mixing container. *A good birdfeeder to use for this mixture would be a platform feeder.

This is a messy feeder, but there are lots of birds, like doves, that like to eat from them.

3. To Attract Red Winged Blackbirds:

If you have the red winged blackbird in your area, you'll definitly want them to come to your garden.

They love a mixture of bread and cracked corn.

Leave several slices of whole wheat bread out to dry over night. Crumble it up, (small enough for the birds to pull it through your feeder.)

Combine, with the bread pieces: 1 cup of cracked corn 1 cup of millet 1/2 cup of chopped raisins

In a large container. Mix the ingredients thoroughly then place in your feeder.

4. To Attract Larger Birds like the Bluejays, Woodpeckers, and Cardinals:

They like the striped sunflower seeds. The shell is very hard and is difficult for the smaller birds to peck open.

Pour 3 cups of striped sunflower seeds 1 cup of black oil sunflower seeds 1 cup of millet

Pour into a large bowl and mix well.

Make sure the mixture will come through the feeder that you use.

5. To attract Wrens, nuthatches, Titmice, Woodpeckers, and Mockingbirds:

You will need:

ShorteningPeanut ButterFlourSugarCornmealQuick Oatsplastic wrap13X9 pan

1 cup shortening (like Crisco)1.5 cups peanut butter1 cup flour1/2 cup sugar2 cups cornmeal2.5 cups quick oats

In a large bowl mix all the dry ingredientsMelt the shortening and peanut butter (stir)Pour this mixture into the dry ingredients (mix)Pat into a 13X9 in. pan (that has been lined with plastic wrap)Put in refrigerator for 3-4 hoursLift outCut into pieces that will fit in your suet feeder

I hope you enjoy making your own bird food using these Bird Seed Recipes.

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