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I know that when you think of a mailbox you think of a product, that either hangs on your house or sets out by the curb. You probably think that a mailbox serves one purpose and that is to hold mail that the postman delivers. In one way you are correct, but

... think again....

Mailboxes have come a long way baby and they're not just to put ..OUTSIDE: anymore.

Mailboxes are used ..INSIDE: the home, office, and classroom.

...Some Ideas Are:

1. Place in your kitchen to hold your bills.

2. Hang outside the kids rooms. You can put their messages in them.

3. Use them at the office. They make great ways to leave messages to your co-workers, secret pals, secret admirier.

4. They are wonderful for outside the classroom. Students, other teachers, and anyone else can leave messages, homework, or late work.

Mailboxes have put on new "faces". Now they have PERSONALITY!

They can say somthing about you. That you like ballet, baseball, music or horses. That you teach reading, math, or science. That your a counselor, CEO, or Mr.President. I have high hopes. Just about anything, can be painted on a mailbox.

The mailboxes on this page are just a few examples of the work that can be done.

***REMEMBER: They can be personalized or have addresses put on them. Whatever you want **All for FREE.

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